Last year – festival 2018

The 2018 festival was a success and attracted a lot of attention from local theatre-goers , groups and writers. We had a great range of plays running over the four day festival, with a mix of well known and newly written pieces.

The festival programme and award winners are below:

Wednesday 7th March
Washington Theatre Group                  Remembrance Night by Marie Lovell / John Cairns
Holmside Productions                           Night Watches by Allan Monkhouse

Thursday 8th March
Matchbox Theatre Company                 Space Cowboy by Chris Masters
Durham Shakespeare Group                 Julius Caesar (pt1) by William Shakespeare

Friday 9th March
Durham Dramatic Society                     Grannies by Jean McConnell
Royalty Theatre, Sunderland                Too Faithed by Lee Stewart

Saturday 10th March
Moon in the Sky Theatre                       The Muse by Tom Casling

This festival is a qualifying round in the All England Theatre Festival and the winning group will go forward to the Northern Semi-Final at Port Sunlight in May.

…and the winners were:

Drama Festival Winners

The Royalty Theatre go forward to the next round as champions of the festival with Too Faithed by Lee Stewart.

Best Actor goes to Joe Casling from Matchbox Theatre in the play Space Cowboy for his performance as Boy.
Also nominated were John McKinnel as Mark Antony, Andrew Barella as Michael and Lee Stewart as Scott.

Drama Festival Best Actor

Best Actress goes to Cat Brannigan-Uren from Washington Theatre Group in the play Remembrance Night for her performance as Liz.
Also nominated were Liz Cooke as Barbara, Lucy McCabe as Janet andAmanda Chapman as Orderly.

Drama Festival Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor goes to Kirsten Lillie from Durham Shakespeare Group in Julius Caesar for her performance as Casca.
Also nominated were Caroline Chapman as Nurse, Alan Godfrey as Soldierand Amy Mitchell as Lady.

Best Cameo goes to Angela Chard from Washington Theatre Group in Remembrance Night for her performance as Lily.
Also nominated were Joanne McClennon as Doris and Alex Cave as Artemidorus.

The Adjudicators prize went to Homeside Productions for Night Watches.
Also nominated were Moon in the Sky Theatre for The Muse and Matchbox Theatre for Space Cowboy.

Best New Writing was awarded to Marie Lovell and John Cairns for Remembrance Day performed by Washington Theatre Group.

The Awards were presented by the Adjudicator, Sue Doherty GoDA

Pictures from the festival